Keeping New Years Resolutions with Tarot

Personal, Tarot

Tarot is a rich and profound tool that helps you attune to your own subconscious through the use of colours, imagery and symbolism. It is a deck of 78 cards which depict the entirety of the human experience. From the overarching complex themes of our lives to the day to day situations, such as emotions, […]

Is your love written in the stars?

Astrology, Love and Relationships, Personal

So, what can astrology tell you about your relationship? So, what can astrology tell you about your relationship? Are you two meant to be together forever or is this just fated to be a short lived passionate affair? The cosmos can actually clue you into this and if you are about to tie the knot […]

Healing from a Breakup

Love and Relationships, Personal

Healing from a breakup is incredibly hard for anyone who has gone through it. Losing someone we love can be heartbreaking and lead to feelings of self blame, unworthiness, guilt, anger and all kinds of emotions. If there is betrayal involved, the feelings can be more intense. In cases of abuse, survivors are likely to […]

Are the stars directing your fate ?

Astrology, Spirituality

Astrology is basically the belief that the planets and their movements have the power to influence our lives and our psychological makeup. While the Sumerians are credited as being the first astrologers, it was the Babylonians who took their studies further to create the zodiac wheel. They divided the sky into twelve equal signs, which […]

Radical Self Love Through Spirituality

Astrology, Spirituality, Tarot

Life is a combination of fate and free will. I first came across the serenity prayer in a room in a rehabilitation center. Surrounded by other “hopeless junkies” just like myself – lacking in, above all, self love. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the […]

Monsoon Magic

Esoteric, Personal

A symphony of sensations fills the air as Bangladeshis immerse themselves in the scent of petrichor, the sight of mesmerising lightning, and the refreshing touch of raindrops, creating unforgettable experiences. There is something magical about the monsoon. Despite the fear it instils and the inconvenience it sometimes brings, its arrival is not only welcomed but […]

Our Responsibility to Mother Earth

Astrology, Spirituality, Yoga

As Earth Day 2023 approaches, we all need to take stock of how we, as individuals, contribute towards the current climate crisis. It is not something we can hide from anymore. As global temperatures continue to rise, our oceans become filled with plastic, we experience mass scale extinctions of thousands of species of animals and […]