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So, what can astrology tell you about your relationship?

So, what can astrology tell you about your relationship? Are you two meant to be together forever or is this just fated to be a short lived passionate affair? The cosmos can actually clue you into this and if you are about to tie the knot – here is why you should get an astrological reading for your relationship. 

In a relationship compatibility reading, there are several charts that we consult. First, we consult both of your natal charts and transits – this is the blueprint of your soul along with the positions of current planetary bodies. This will show us what both of you want and need in a relationship and how you operate. Next, we look at your synastry chart, which is both of your natal charts overlapping each other – this tells us about the dynamics of your relationship. Then we look at your composite chart – which looks at your relationship as a separate entity. We look at your progressed charts which look at your current cycles of life. And lastly, we look at your solar return charts – which tells us about the current year. Timing is key – and if it is not the right time for either of you – it just may not last.

Now what constitutes an “ideal relationship” or an “ideal partner” really boils down to who you are at your core. However, there are certain aspects that we all need to experience long lasting, stable relationships. Basic compatibility, trust, mutual respect and an understanding of each other’s needs are required for a relationship to be successful. 

Having been an astrology buff for ten years, I have studied the natal charts of all my exes as well as our synastry charts, and I can tell you that free will perhaps is the most important factor when gauging the longevity of your relationship. You may have all the supportive planetary placements in place, but without the free will to actively work on your own trauma as well as put in the effort required for a relationship, chances are the relationship will not survive. Astrology can show you where your challenges and obstacles are as a couple, so you can understand how to overcome them. 

You may have heard something basic like Geminis and Capricorns are not compatible. The dumbed down version of astrology only looks at the sun signs, and as I like to say – we are very complex beings. We have many different parts of ourselves that contradict each other and each wants different things; such as the longing for independence as well as the fear of being alone as an example. 

And by the way, my husband is a Gemini and I am a Capricorn and there are actually many aspects in our charts that show high compatibility, longevity and even soulmate vibes. But what has made this relationship of mine last longer than any of my previous relationships is the understanding and acceptance of each other’s flaws and willingness to work through our problems. This is actually shown by the layperson’s most feared planet, Saturn. Squares or tense planetary aspects are also often feared, but it is exactly this tension that leads to growth and evolution.

An astrological chart contains all the planets and points, positioned in the twelve signs of the zodiac which are placed into twelve houses, each representing a different area of life. For compatibility, there are a few planets, points and houses which are integral. In relationship compatibility, the aspects between planets in the different charts also play an important role in how we relate to one another. Then we can paint an overall picture of your relationship based on these. 

Having compatible moon signs can mean that your emotional natures are compatible, you may have similar emotional needs or be easily able to fulfill each other’s emotional needs. The elements can clue us in on how we work together. For example,  a fire moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) would literally be put out by a water moon (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or an earth moon (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn). However, they would be sparked by air moons (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and get along well with other fire moons. The moon sign is reflective of who we are inside, so a large part of this is how we tend to show up in relationships.

Mercury can tell us about each other’s communication styles – and our challenges in communication. Then, we look at Venus signs – which can tell us about our love natures and love languages. In a man’s chart, it can tell us what he likes in a partner and what he finds beautiful. Having compatible moon and venus signs means we are able to give and receive love from each other in a healthy way. Having compatible Venus and Mars aspects shows sexual chemistry, which is often essential for a relationship to last. Mars in a woman’s chart also tells us about what kind of man she finds most desirable. 

The houses that are most important in relationships are the fifth house, the seventh house and the eighth house. The fifth house is the house of fun, pleasure, dating and romance. It shows us the people we like to date, but not necessarily marry. Having your partner’s planets fall in your fifth house and vice versa means that you two can have a lot of fun together and experience a lot of passion. 

The seventh house is often the house of our ideal spouse and it shows us how likely we are to commit or desire commitment. Serious relationships are found here. So again, if your partner and you share seventh house placements, this could mean a serious and long term relationship. The eighth house takes it one step further and gets really intimate. It is where emotional vulnerabilities are found, but also sharing of assets and resources. We are often financially tangled up in our partners’ lives as well and this house shows that.

Then the North and South Nodes as well as the Vertex can tell us about fate. Some people are fated to be in our lives for a long time and some, only for a short period to teach us some kind of lesson we will remember forever. 

If you are searching for some kind of clarity in your relationship, astrology can help you gain some clarity and a deeper understanding of your partner and relationship.  First published on IceToday.

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