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” When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tsu.

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We come to the oracle seeking answers, but often these answers lead to more questions. Mystical truths can open up a gateway into spiritual wisdom and pave the way for transformation.

Come to explore and seek an answer, meditate on the question, and learn the language of your soul as Namira unravels the journey of your life through the cards and the stars, looking to them as a mirror into the psyche. We heal when we shed light on what is hidden. 

 The truth will set you free, only if you let it.

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Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality

Personal Development

 Reflect on your life, identify the barriers keeping you stuck, the self limiting beliefs holding you back and the actions you need to move forward. 

Career Finances & Purpose

Gain insight on your deeper purpose, ideal career, strengths & challenges in order to feel more aligned and purposeful in your career & finances.

Love & Relationships

Listen to the language of your heart and understand the inner workings or your own relationship patterns as well as external dynamics that are impacting your relationships.


Foster a genuine spiritual connection and connect to the divine in order to live as the highest version of yourself.

Current Life Cycle

Gain an understanding of your current season of life. the themes that are present and where your opportunities and challenges lie.

Forecasting the Future

Be aware of what is coming up ahead and stay prepared. Know when and where to focus on certain aspect of your life and stay aligned with the cosmic timings.

Moon Circle

“We are all like the bright moon. We still have our darker side.” – Khalil Gibran.

Journey into a realm of spirituality, personal growth, and community as we gather under the radiant glow of the moon. Our moon circles are a sacred space where the power of the new and full moon is harnessed to guide us on paths of transformation and connection.Held with reverence, these gatherings, though primarily monthly, weave a tapestry of meditation, intention-setting, personal reflection, and the shared wisdom of our sacred circle. Embrace the serene atmosphere that invites you to delve into your innermost thoughts and dreams.

The circles are for anyone (especially women) currently treading the paths of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Our moon circles intertwine the arts of tarot and astrology, touched by the essence of lunar traditions. Each session is a chance to foster profound connections, discover guidance, and undergo personal metamorphosis through shadow work. Join us in honoring the moon’s journey, illuminating your own, and discovering the magic that blooms within this reflective sanctuary. Your voyage of connection and transformation begins here.






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Do you want to become the master of your destiny? Experience the transformative effects of tarot and astrology, by investing in yourself with a package for regular cosmic guidance sessions. This can help you stay clued in on your path of growth and give you the clarity to tackle situations with foresight and knowledge. By checking in on your own progress, you stay accountable and can make the changes you desire.

She gave me the solution to my problem, i was very happy and I must say it was a very positive experience. Thank you very much.
Anna Rogers
Nail master, USA

What my Clients Say ?

Anonymous client

The reading was incredibly insightful and eye opening for me. It inspired me to take meaningful action towards my goals. I loved that Namira used a combination of meditation, tarot, and astrology to find answers to my questions. Namira's passion and wisdom, as well as her attention to detail really shines through. I also love the workbook with journal prompts and affirmations that I was given after my reading - so helpful. Cannot wait for my follow-up reading.

Anonymous client

Namira is truly gifted. Her knowledge about astrology and the cards perfectly compliments her ability to spiritually guide you. She’s non-judgemental and open, and helps you unravel the deeper meanings of the readings as it pertains to you. I highly recommend a reading by her and urge you to stay open and experience some magic - as Namira says “we are essentially all spirits - and so we are all spiritual beings”.

Anonymous client

The reading was my first, and finding the right questions to ask was challenging. I was intuitively guided in asking questions which align with the place I was in, and supported through clear suggestions based on my reading. At the end of the session, I gained clarity over the areas I felt stuck in - and genuinely felt that I gained a reliable guide and a friend.

Anonymous client

After discovering Namira apu, I took an impossible attempt to love myself with my flaws. She created a path for me where I didn’t scrutinize myself for every decision I made. Through my readings with her I started my journey of becoming my own friend first. One of her best qualities is that she make you accountable for your own decisions.She connects people with their souls and this is what we need badly in our lives now.

Anonymous client

Curiosity & earlier knowledge in healing brought me to Namira's tarot reading. it was my first time in tarot. she made it look so natural and explained the process very well. sometimes we think that such reading will answer all our questions, but I feel they give us more of a direction and alignment to what we are seeking. the implementation is just in our hands. Thank you Namira for taking up an unconventional way of helping distressed souls.

Anonymous client

My experience with Namira was very insightful and cathartic. She told me with great clarity about my birth chart, my experiences that have shaped me and impacted my life. It was an important revelation to see how accurately the cards revealed my past experiences and what my subconscious mind is doing to me. I will definitely follow up with more sessions to begin my journey of healing and growth.

Anonymous client

Thank you so much for your reading. I do it on a month to month basis which helps me gain so much perspective for the month and going forward. Even though not everything is in my control, I get to be aware of what is coming up.

Anonymous client

After our reading, I woke up and wore my favorite shoes, brushed my hair and put on perfume. I don’t know if this is making a difference, but I had not done this in months. It felt so nice to be heard, to be felt included, to know that I am not losing my mind, and to learn that I have so much power and energy within me.

Anonymous client

Thank you for listening to me rant about everything. The reading was so enlightening and freeing. I love your articulation, how well you get to the heart of things. I came away feeling grateful and inspired.

Anonymous client

Thank you so much for the reading. It was insightful, accurate. I was validated on my prior thoughts which aligned with the reading. And what you said about my birth chart and previous year, aligned to the T. Even the points I never pondered was spot on. And I got clarity from a question that had been weight me down for months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was created as a game in 17th century France became adopted by the mystics in the 18th century as a tool for divination (predicting the future). Modern tarotists and tarot readers have adapted the tarot as a way of understanding archetypal energies that are working within to gain insight into the psyche. 

Tarot is a rich and profound tool that helps you attune to your own subconscious through the use of colours, imagery and symbolism. It is a deck of 78 cards which depict the entirety of the human experience. From the overarching complex themes of our lives to the day to day situations, such as our emotions, thoughts and words, finances, motivations and beliefs – all of these are depicted in the tarot cards.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist recognized a part of the human psyche called the collective unconscious. These are primordial images and universal memories shared by all humans. We know the collective unconscious exists as we keep seeing the same characters, storylines and narratives playing out in mythologies of cultures, around the world, over centuries and through generations.

Tarot works in tandem with the collective unconscious and uses psychological images that are meant to move us on the path of individuation, or wholeness and integration of our best and highest selves. 

The concept of synchronicity is what ties it all together. It is what Carl Jung recognized as a meaningful coincidence. These are not two events are connected to each other, yet they are coincidental because of the meaning derived from it. So when we ask the tarot a question, the cards simply fall by chance and it is up to the intuitive and interpretative abilities of the reader to gain meaning from it.

Carl Jung said that, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  We all have blind spots in ourselves and in our lives that we are unable to see. If the picture is incomplete, we will never have an accurate view of our lives. When making decisions, we need to feel empowered and informed. Tarot is able to do that by pulling back the veil and acting as a mirror to the psyche, the unconscious as well as the external world which that is mirroring. 

A tarot reading can give you insight and clarity into your own life so that you can understand yourself on a deeper level.

Astrology is the study of the movement and positions of the stars and planets and connecting them back to life on earth. Similar to the cards, the movements of the planets do not dictate what happens, however they serve as a mirror. By using this knowledge, we can prepare ourselves for potential challenges ahead and make use of opportunities as they come.

This is an ancient science. While the Sumerians are credited as being the first astrologers, it was the Babylonians in the 5th century BCE who took their studies further to create the zodiac wheel. They divided the sky into twelve equal signs, which are the constellations corresponding to twelve months of the year. Around 3000 years ago, scholars of China, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley were practicing astrology. 

The Babylonians created the natal chart which is a snapshot of the sky at our exact time of birth. This is called the blueprint of the soul. The natal chart gives insight into a person’s motivations, behaviours, emotions and interpersonal relationships. Transits or movement of the planets to a person’s natal chart can point to minor and major themes in their life that they are experiencing. A progressed chart can show us the progressed personality of the client and a solar return chart is used to look at the energies of the coming year.

Cosmic Guidance is my combination of tarot and astrology that I use in my readings/sessions with clients.

Tarot and astrology can be very useful in navigating all the areas and complexities of life, from the mundane to the greater mysteries. They can be used in a practical lens for relationships, business strategizing, finance, well-being, career opportunities and negotiations, decision-making, self-healing, self-growth and meditation.

A comprehensive cosmic guidance session can offer you a great sense of the potential opportunities and challenges to come. Life is a combination of fate and free will. The way a situation will play out is ultimately in your hands. 

It is up to you how you respond to the cosmic guidance session and adapt to the ever-changing seasons of life that your reading reflects through the cards and stars.  Situations that may not be clearly seen due to ego may be illuminated, thus showing a path forward.My style of reading is more guidance oriented, I am not a fortune teller and I will never claim to be able to see your future clearly.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this, it simply depends on how often you feel the need for insight, clarity or guidance. I would personally recommend you use cosmic guidance sessions for planning, understanding of the past, self growth, improvement in your relationships, purpose in your career,  and connection to your spirituality.

Taking these sessions are a ritualistic endeavor and should be treated with the adequate respect. Working with the lunar cycles and astrological seasons are also very helpful. If you want to take cosmic guidance sessions on a regular basis, they may be helpful on a monthly/yearly basis to check in on where you are in your life.

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